Suitable only for iOS users for 0.99c, in The Minims you will enter imaginative world of adventure with point-and-click controls while birds are riding around in a hot-air balloons. It sounds like a wonderful place, but is it really?

Enter a world of enchanting environments.

The story unfolds in a straightforward style when the main character Mii, who actually looks similar as a bowling pin with eyes inserted, starts preparing for a picnic with friends. The Minims is divided by short chapters with each having its own set of puzzles, so once you complete a required puzzle, naturally, you will be proceeding to the next chapter for exploration and thinking. At the beginning of the game, puzzles will be less challenging, you will need to find items for the picnic. Once you go further into the game, you will become aware that something much greater and challenging lies ahead on your journey with Mii.

The game is not yet complete, since developers have decided to release the game with the first five playable chapters and more intriguing elements yet to come. With an unusual approach, updates are regular to complete the story and they don’t cost anything which could be a double-edged sword in some way.

Given the nature of the game and currently available chapters, you can easily finish the complete gameplay in just a few hours, so it is possible you will feel let down once you arrive to the end of the final chapter. The story ends on a lovely cliffhanger when Mii goes to the bigger world where only disaster waits for him. You will be left craving more of the story and desiring to find out what will happened next, so the only thing is to wait for more releases of the chapters.

The Minims can be seen as a successful game for many reasons. From puzzle range forcing players to think outside the box, to pleasingly surreal world with wonderful landscapes, this game has it all; just not enough chapters. These types of games usually live and die within two factors which are puzzles and the story – in this case you must be patient and persistent in solving puzzles and moving to another chapter. You might find them difficult at first but once you user your noggin, mystery will be solved.

The puzzles range from being ridiculous to obscure making players use their abilities to advantage. You might experience moments of frustration but don’t give up and achieve your goal. While at first, puzzles might be to find a particular object, but once you progress, the player will be required to escape the settlement without knowing the correct steps on how to successfully solve a puzzle which can be quite challenging but either way quite satisfying once you complete a puzzle.

Environment in this game is pleasantly surreal with striking landscapes and filled with interesting characters appearing as retro cartoons. The story unfolds slowly as separate scenes and conversations are introduced too leisurely for some players but non the less, with quite entertaining plot. With a minimal sound design, the atmosphere could become at moments rather irritating, contributing to the surreal environment.

The Minims is an imaginative puzzle game which is a quite bold approach on the genre this kind. With its slow pace, it might be off-putting at first glance, but with just five chapters included, once you complete the game there is really not reason to replay. We are still waiting for further releases as they will extend the story and gameplay’s longevity, and therefore resolve the mystery behind the tale of Mii.

The Minims is now available on the App store and once you purchase the game, all future available updates are completely free.


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