1.    What does it mean by Players’ weekend?

This is a baseballs’ version on a casual Friday. It is usually an agreement between MLB and MLB players. Players are given a chance to express themselves through colorful cleats, equipment and self-selected nicknames. This time charisma, creativity and color are celebrated with looser uniform rules.

2.    Why have the players’ weekend?

This began in 2017 as part of a wider plan to give fans more access and insight into the game’s players and appeal to a younger generation of fans.

3.    Do all the players wear nickname?

Some players opt their last name unlike at the beginning of the festive when most players would choose the nickname.

4.    What does the uniform look like?

Teams wear specially designed monochromatic uniforms.

5.    Why wear monochromatic uniforms?

Putting on the uniform enhances uniformity and therefore makes the players look colorful and fashionable

6.    Can the players wear other uniform?

There are several options that players have when it comes to wearing their uniforms. They are not limited to a specifit set of uniform but can put on any other type of uniform.

7.    Any other rules that have changes?

Sometimes players have the option to wear T-Shirts. Also, they are allowed to use their smartphones to air the event on social media.

8.    How to find the content on the social media?

To find the player’s weekend on social media, look for “#PlayersWeekend” and you will find standout designs.

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