One of the best parts about Player’s Weekend is that everyone gets to see all of the nicknames on the back of the jerseys of their favorite players. There are going to be plenty of Emojis this year too. There is no extra points for that though. Here are some of the favorites for you to enjoy.

The Oriels have Papa Frita. ​​​​​​ Could there be a nickname without a potato pun for Paul Fry?

The Blue Jays have #PinaPower Jr. The Spanish word for pineapple is “pina”. Lourdes Gurriel Jr’s hair is shaped just like a pineapple.

​​​​​​The Cubs have SPEEDPASS. Ifif you used to work at a gas station before the major league then it seems a fitting nickname for Steve Cishek.

NIGHTMARE is what The Pirates have. Not sure the reason for Felipe Vasquez’s his nickname but maybe it will scare off other players.

The Rookies have CHUCK NASTY. this one has been Charlie Blackmon’s Twitter name for multiple years now. This one will never get old.

The Dodgers have CHICKEN STRIP. Ross Stripling’s name is amusing but it will never beat Rich Hill’s nickname “Dick Mountain”.

​​The Padres have CHUBBS SENIOR. This one will make anyone giggle. Kirby Yates made his nickname after his dog who’s name is “CHUBBS”.

The D-BACKS have CRASH LANDING. This one is all fun and games as long as Archie Bradley doesn’t end the games this way.

The Cardinals have the 5280. This this one is just in case you need a reminder on how many feet are in a mile, you can always look on Miles Mikolas jersey.

The Giants have YAZ. This one may not be very funny but at least it fits the owner Mike Yastramenski and it’s pretty easy to remember.

In case that you are reading this and you still don’t know the exact baseball rules, you can read this guide and find out everything!

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