If you think that MLB 9 Innings 19 is just a casual baseball themed game, you are terribly wrong. Since the game is officially licensed by MLB, MLBPA and MLBAA it’s pretty realistic.

You get to play with real-life teams and players. There also plenty of commodities this game offers. For example there is Live Player System, 3D graphics and many gameplay modes.

Therefore, playing the MLB 9 Innings 19 may not be easy for beginners. Lucky for all of you who are new to the game, we prepared plenty of tips and tricks for better playing.

Increasing Chances of a Successful Hit

The essential thing when it comes to a good hit is how well you are able to time your swing. When using the Swing controller, timing is the most important thing.

Remember not to swing when ball doesn’t travel within the square that appears on the screen. If you are looking for a strong hit, you should hit when POW is at least 70.


Everyone knows how important pitching is. Keeping in mind that pitchers are rated based on five stats – LOC, STA, FB, BRK and VEL, before choosing pitches that should be prioritized, you definitely need to look at those stats. A good thing is to mix pitches.

Use Fast Progression for Easier Games

When is the best time to play fast progression? The best way to use this option is when you are having weaker team or when you are leading for at least 2 or 3 runs.

Hacks for Lineup

If you want to choose your top five pitchers, Auto-switch button can help you do that.
This option automatically choose best pitcher in order.
The lineup feature also gives some other options, such as lineup changes for battle or club mode.

It’s Important to Train Your Players

With the winning there come points. It is wise to use points on training your players. Although there are different types of trainings normal training is the perfect option in most cases.

Complete Challenges and Work on Collections

Trying challenges is a good way to earn rewards or stars, depending on a mission. Good collection also may earn you some extra currency.

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