This classic board game officially released from Games Workshop, now it can be found in a digital form as a single player game. It is only available for iOS users, but it can also be found on Steam. If you are a fan of the original Chainsaw Warrior from 1987, you can definitely take a peek at this remake that is suitable for smartphones. You can easily find yourself reminiscing if you like board games but somehow didn’t get the chance to play the original.

It is the year 2032 and spatial warping has opened a hole to another dimension and variety of bizarre, dangerous and nasty creatures have entered Manhattan. Your mission is to save the city from hordes of zombies that are invading without a mercy. You are a brave soldier that has 60 minutes to save New York and using your amazing strategic knowledge but it will be extremely difficult and super amusing. Use your skills to roll dices and pick cards so you can combat the danger and approach through different ways.

Once you start the game you need to roll the dice so you can establish your character’s stats like health, hand to hand combat, how much equipment you will carry etc. The gameplay will always be the same so don’t expect much surprise your second time through. You are going to fight plenty of zombie hordes followed by blowing up locked doors and avoiding various traps.

You will count a lot on Lady Luck, and she might not always be on your side. This game is a great proof how you can turn an easy task into impossible one and leave you simply confused but curious how to solve the problem before you. It is super easy to play gameplay wise until you are stuck in a pickle, I simply need to use your brain. Soon enough everything will make sense and you will find a solution to your problem how to manage killing zombie hordes and avoid traps.


The end will be hard work.

This board game is everything you need from a digital version of old school classic board game. One friendly advice is to get prepared that it is not going to an easy game and pulling through the end might be difficult. This game is not for playing to kill time and it requires a lot of work and patience so sofa and cushions will sound a lot more comforting that anything noisy when things go wrong. Once you manage to go to the end game it will feel pretty special. Overall great game for everyone that want some extra difficulty in a board game and a little reminisce.

Developer: Auroch Digital LTD

Price: $4.99

Genre: single-player board game

Requirements:  iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Release Date: 2013


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