There are plenty of places where baseball coaches can get good advice on coaching and winning baseball games. The amount of information available has been increased significantly by the internet.

However, coaches need to be able to discern what is good information and is poor quality or useless information. Sometimes a coach could read two blogs about the same situation that provide contradictory advice.

Here are a few books that that we find useful for baseball coaches. Yet some of the books we like are not about baseball, but they will help people become better coaches.

Positive leadership

To be a good coach, you have to lead. Now some of us are better leaders naturally yet good leadership books can help everyone else. Good coaches have a positive outlook

Books about purpose driven coaching

Some books are based around the theme of purpose driven coaching, in, which the benefits of coaches having strategies in place that will give their teams and it’s members purposes.

Books about baseball

Okay there are quite a few to choose from but pick ones that allow you and your team to understand this great sport better.

Hitting a baseball and batting through 9 innings

Perhaps the best book about hitting a baseball and improving batting performance is by Troy Silva. Not only does it describe and show pictures of how to become a better hitter it discusses how to get players in the right state of mind to bat even in the big games.

Use this book and the players you are coaching will almost certainly improve their batting.


To succeed at baseball is helped by knowing more about life, and one book in particular is a really effective one for learnig about life and baseball. It is:

The Matheny Manifesto – A Young Manager’s Old School Views on Success in Sports and Life

This is a book every baseball coach should use. The ideas in there help to build confidence and respect within any sports team, and putting it into place will help to deliver a successful baseball season. Perhaps the most important point in this book is that a coach should treat baseball players as people first, and build a mutual respect for each other.

If you know who Stan Musial is, click on this link!

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