Baseball is America’s pastime for a reason. Entire generations of families have been going to games around the country for years. One of the best parts of professional baseball is the sheer size of the 30 stadiums scattered around the country. It would be great to take a tour and visit all of them, and many people have done just that.

As we set out ourselves to visit these stadiums, we began to grade them. Surprisingly, it is not always the newest stadiums with the best technology that gets the best marks. There is so much more that goes into it than that. We begin by looking at the atmosphere and how the fans get into the game. If is boring, well, that is no fun at all.

We also want to look at the amenities. What is available outside in the concourses to entertain fans and make it a great all around experience for everyone. We also want to see a bit of history in the stadium. Even the new stadiums can hold onto the baseballs heroes of the past. It is a game that has been around for over 100 years, so we want to see that reflected in the stadiums that we visit.

Here are some of the stadiums from our list just to give you a feel for what we discovered.

Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida

This is one field that you will probably want to give a big pass to unless you just happen to be in the area. It seems as if the team has done little to actually make this one appealing to the baseball fan. You cannot even enjoy the brilliant Florida sunshine inside the stadium, as everywhere you look it seems they have taken away any type of view you have of the outside. There is fluorescent lighting throughout that gives you the feeling that you are in a disco hall as opposed to a baseball stadium. For a team that has no World Series titles, this stadium does little to ramp up the enthusiasm among its fan base. Not surprisingly, this stadium has one of the lowest attendance records in all of baseball. If you want to know who are the best baseball players, find the article here!

Yankee Stadium in New York

It is difficult to rate this one because it is a new stadium housing a team that has so much history. At the same time, you cannot argue that the atmosphere inside the stadium itself is unlike any other in all of baseball. The fans are rowdy, obnoxious, and they obviously love their team no matter how they happen to be playing on the field. The Yankees are synonymous with the game of baseball, so no matter how modern their stadium may be, it is a once in a lifetime experience to be able to attend a game here.

Petco Park in San Diego

This a beautiful stadium that is in a wonderful area of San Diego. You will feel the ocean breeze and smell the salt in the air as you attend the game here. Granted, the Padres have not been very good since before the turn of the decade, meaning that most of the fans in the stadium seem to be cheering for the other team, but at least it is comfortable and beautiful inside!

PNC Park in Pittsburgh

This stadium has a great view of the river, serves up excellent food, and houses a team that is steep in history. It is a baseball fan’s dream to be honest. There is plenty to do while you are at the game, and there is a great deal to see in and around the stadium.

AT&T Park in San Francisco

This is the winner so far. The Giants have done this park up right. It definitely has the ancestry and the ambiance. The Giants have won three Series titles this decade alone, so you can’t argue with that kind of record. The stadium itself was built to have wonderful views of the water, and the food is quite tasty so come hungry. This one gets an A+ all around.

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